The Garden Party

Katherine Mansfield is among the few short story writers who are regarded as masters of the modernist short story. Mansfield’s short stories do not only depict subtle changes in the behavior of human and their surrounding environment but also depict trivial events in the plots of her work. In most of her stories, she chooses domestic sphere of home as her setting, and she reveals the marital relationship between women and men. Although Mansfield has not showed elements of feminism in her contemporary works, there are vast feminist awareness flowing through her writings, in the sense that there exist a strong feeling of discontinuity and division between female and male life experiences. The many restrictions patriarchy and society places on women’s shoulder to silence them is a reoccurring topic in her writings. This paper critically analyses the extent to which Katherine Mansfield has embodied feminists in her book The Garden Party. read more

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This Is How You Can Become a Biography Writer

Writing a biography is the closest thing to immortalizing a human being that we have. Once a person’s in a book, it lives on forever. Since time is our worst enemies – kudos for inventing it, right? – we are terrified of going out into the vast unknown without having left a trace of ourselves behind, an imprint – no matter how small – on the world we’ve lived in.

The task of a biographer is an extremely daunting one, particularly because it can be somewhat difficult to write about the life of anyone else but her/his own. This is not to say that it’s impossible. In fact, if you want to write my essay as a professional biography writer, now’s the time, given that the niche is slowly but surely expanding.

Let us give you a few tips on how to cut your teeth as a professional biographer.

The Big 4  

  1. Assess What Type Of Biographies You’d Like To Write 

Are you interested in writing about the lives of writers, movie or music stars or historical figures? Each of these requires a different approach, as well as a different education. For instance, you simply can’t write about a historical figure if you haven’t studied history or about a musician if you’re not acquainted with music.

This is the very first step you have to make if you want to be successful as a biographer.

  1. Work On Your Social Skills And Your Nerves 

Writing a biography will automatically create a bond between the writer and his/her subject. You’re going to be seeing the one you’re writing about so frequently that you’ll feel like you’ll lose your mind if you don’t get some quality alone-time.

That, however, is something you should prepare for. You’ll most probably end up hating your hero – in case you’ve managed to sign a contract with somebody you’ve idolized for years. Spending so much time with someone will reveal their imperfections and vices.

In this light, biographers are really like superheroes. Obviously, it’s less likely that you’ll end up fighting with knives. It’s just that writing a biography requires a certain closeness and intimacy with a perfect stranger that you’ll need to bear.

  1. Be Neutral At All Times and At All Costs

Biographies are written from a neutral point of view. As a biographer, you’re really not supposed to criticize and over-analyze your subject. That’s what memoirs are from. The biographer is a spectator that’s been taken backstage.

  1. Learn How To Sell Your Talent

As quickly as you’ll decide to become a biographer, you’ll realize how difficult it is to cut it in this business. Contact publishing houses and don’t shy away from creating an account on a freelancing platform. Whatever you do, don’t expect authors and rock stars to come at your door.

The Bottom Line  

Writing in general is a titanic effort. Writing about somebody else’s life is in a league of its own. It will probably take years until you’ll get a contract, but it’s always better later than never.

If you think you have what it takes, you’ll succeed.

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Get Down With The Awesome Awethors Event

Hello everyone,
I just want to share with you one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had.
Some of you may know that I’m only a newbie author, with two short stories out (Sharpshooter due soon) as well as operating two blogs, The Writers Emporium and Destination Gallifrey (A blog for Dr Who fans).
I have been blessed to be accepted into a group for authors called Awethors of Awesomness, and let me tell you, this group lives up to its name.
On the 12th of April the group held an event for all members,Get Down With The Awethors, let me tell you this was an absolutely incredible event.
There were cover wars contests (vote for your favorite cover, and you’ll be pleased to learn that Dinner For Two made it through to the very final few rounds).Giveaways, free guest blog posts, a chance to meet new authors, make new friends and just generally support each other.
It was an incredibly complex event to organize especially considering the different time zones involved (your humble author was awake for 48 hours in case I missed anything, I kid you not).
All this hard work and dedication was brilliantly carried out by authors DM Cain, Stewart Bint, Rocky Rochford,Lisa Veldkamp and I’m sure a slew of others too (please forgive the fact that I don’t know everyone else).
I have a confession to make (no its ok you don’t need to block the site). I’ve always suffered from an inferiority complex since childhood.
When I started my journey as an author at the writing company where I should write essays for students who struggle with writing (and its only been four months), I was worried I couldn’t do that, that nobody would like my stuff but my biggest fear was my peers. I was convinced they’d turn their noses up at me, you a writer, darling three very short stories does not make you an author or go back to blogging dear.
Guess what? After the 12th I no longer have that fear.
I was welcomed and supported by an amazing array of very talented and successful authors with far more work than yours truly, did only being an author for four months make a difference?
Not a bit of it!
I made a lot of new friends and the overwhelming of this event was friendship and support. Honestly people, I’m almost in tears writing this, you just cannot understand how having the friendship and support of a group of like minded people around the world can be so uplifting.
I just need to say a huge thank you to the organizers, my new author friends and you my dear reader, for letting me tell you about this marvelous event.

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Wanna be really scared?

My friend and fellow author, Rocky Rochford has written one of the most frightening short stories I’ve read in a very long time, Don’t Say A Word,(And that’s saying something coming from a horror writer!). The story takes us inside the mind of a seriel killer as he stalks and ultimately kills his victims. Shocking, brutal, yet completely believable, it is one story I highly recommend to all my readers.
I’m pleased to announce that Rocky has expanded on this short story with his new work, Don’t Turn Around..
I’ll let Rocky himself tell you more.


My name is Rocky Rochford and if you haven’t heard, I am quite crazy, highly excitable and energetic, which for a writer, is two pretty great qualities as it definitely keeps things fresh and when I’m not being crazy (ie normal) I’m Scuba Diving, sword collecting, or well, rum swigging whilst occasionally writing, which brings us to today’s topic of conversation, my latest work to be released, Don’t Say A Word.

Available for purchase on Amazon, come July 1st, is my thrilling horror story that truly embeds the reader into the context of the story and serves as a great continuation to its predecessor Don’t Turn Around, which if you haven’t read yet, (seriously you haven’t read it yet?) probably isn’t a bad thing, it would have only have given you nightmares, make you flinch when reading and hearing a footstep come from behind and this one, well that makes Around read more like a glorified children’s book, because my killer is back and is taking his craft to new heights, with you in the passenger seat and if that’s not enough to tempt you, then how about a peak at my boy in action:

Don’t Say A Word: Extract:

All I could hear was the manager spouting some bullshit. I was too busy enjoying the screams to pay notice, but I’m sure he noticed me making a beeline straight for him.
Talk shit, get hacked to shit.
Fair’s fair.
Three hacks, one result, head cleaved from bone and rolling around on the Persian rug, dyeing it red.
Now ain’t that going to be a bitch to clean?
Talk about murder.
Still plenty more people to kill, so no good getting sidetracked, and what’s this? They’re stuck in the dining room with me?
How can this be?
Oh yeah, I bribed someone to make sure the door was closed and locked after I entered. Rather easy really; all I had to do was break into his home, hold a knife against his two year old’s throat and take a selfie, one I showed him personally upon my arrival.
He was more than willing to comply.
Willing to do anything to keep his family safe.
Yeah, about that.
A happy family reunion not in the cards, not when I forced the mother to kill both herself and infant in the bathtub.
It was either that or I’d do it.
And trust me, my way is always worse.

But if mindless killing isn’t you’re thing, don’t worry, I also write romance and my latest work is available now, Him & Her the story of Donny Tyler and his feeling is love, longing and lust, for the girl next door.
Both works in the Don’t Turn Around Trilogy are only available in ebook on both and all Amazon domains, along with many of my other works, such as my Entwined Saga, a series of Paranormal shorts. The Rise of The Elohim Chronicles, a fantasy adventure for all and so many others, as there is a Rochford work for one and all. Have a great day everyone!!!

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My New Supernatural Horror Story is now available for all E-Readers

I know how much you’ve all been waiting for my next release and here it is.
David is a morose and belligerent youth with some very dark secrets. David is also a psychopath. Without an ability to feel love or compassion for others, he only feels alive when hes playing his beloved video games.
When David comes across the game Sharpshooter he knows he must own it at any cost-even murder.
But David doesn’t realize that Sharpshooter is far more than just an ordinary game and the smiling shopkeeper Mr Ukamiisnt quite the friendly shopkeeper he appears to be.
David will find himself transported to a nightmarish realm where he must fight for his very survival against all the victims of his past,
If David loses, its game over forever.

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New Release Notes

David is a very aggressive young man, in fact he has psychopathic tendencies. When he isn’t playing violent video games he’s daydreaming about different ways to murder his family. In a creepy second hand shop run by a mysterious African gentleman, David purchases Sharpshooter, the ultimate violent game but when he begins to play he’s dragged into a realm where he must battle against people he’s injured or killed in real life, if he loses its game over.. forever.
Sharpshooter, my new short story coming soon.

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Mr Westacotts Christmas is now published on all E Reader platforms.

Hello everyone,
Thank you for stopping by.
Whew! what an intense few days, I spent all Saturday writing my story to Scrivener( a great writers tool.) uploading, amending, fixing typos and correcting links that didn’t work but finally, Mr Westacotts Christmas is now published on all e-reading platforms and is available from all major retailers (Amazon, Apple, BN, Page Foundry, Scribld, Tolina).  I’ve spent the last few days promoting the story as much as I can.
As I mentioned in a previous post, 20c from the sale of each story will go to help a wonderful mental health organisation here in Australia, beyond blue. Depression, anxiety and lonliness are some of the most serious health issues in the world today and anything we can do to help sufferers is to be encouraged.
Can I please urge each and every one of my readers to buy a copy (only 99c USD) and you can help even more by leaving a review to help the story gain more visibility.

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My New Short Story Available This Week 23/02/15

Hello everyone,

Thank you for taking the time to drop by. Firstly I’d like to say a big Thank You to everyone who has bought/downloaded my first short story, Dinner For Two, the response has been fantastic and the good news is that Amazon has price matched it so now its available FREE on all platforms.

The other big news is my second short story, Mr Westacotts Christmas, will be published this week on all platforms. This story is quite different to Dinner and I’d probably describe it as a dark drama. Its all about loneliness and how one man copes during the Festive season.

You might be interested in how the story came about. Originally I planned this as a script for a short film. One of the organisations here in Australia that is a support for people with depression and other mental illnesses, asked sufferers to contribute any form of artwork that illustrated or encompassed their feelings about their illness or its effects. I’m not ashamed to raise my hand and admit that I’ve suffered clinical depression and acute anxiety disorder for many years. I also have a slight brain injury that affects my short term memory (but enough of the violins and flowers). I decided to write a script gather some friends and film it. Alas, the film never eventuated (but you’ll be pleased to know the contributions to the art project were many and also brilliant.) I felt the subject of loneliness and depression was too important to forget and so the script evolved into Mr Westacotts Christmas.

I hope you’ll like the story and if it touches you in any way, please, leave a review.

Finally, I’d just like to inform you all that Mr Westacotts Christmas will be followed up with a third short story entitled, Sharpshooter, which is a return to full horror. After all three stories are released Ill be releasing my collection of short stories which range from the macabe to the sinister (more on this closer to finalisation and release date.)

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G’day and welcome to my site

Thanks for taking the time to drop by, I really do appreciate all the interest my readers show in me and my works. On this site I’ll be keeping you informed of all my latest projects as well as publishing pics and videos from all my latest promotional activities. I love any and all feedback so if you’d like to ask me a question I’ll answer them all (well maybe not all, I do have to keep some air of mystery lol.) You can also subscribe to my newsletter, by signing up you’ll be among the FIRST to hear of my latest books, release dates and so on. You’ll also be eligible to go into the running for the occasional competiton and take advantage of special promotions that aren’t available anywhere else. The site is a work in progress so you’ll notice some changes (all good I hope lol). I look forward to meeting you all.
Best Wishes
Michael J Elliott.

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