The Population Bomb Revisited

The Population Bomb was written to help in the inauguration of the global debate about the association of the population growth and the environmental degradation. It teaches many people around the globe about the earth’s limited size in bearing the human civilization. Despite the book’s shortcomings, it still offers a useful opportunity for learning the ecological, energy, and the food shortage of the current generation. The book’s publishing was in response to asking Paul who is the author to provide the summary of his arguments that he always made in the media concerning the population growth and the associated environmental issues.

                   Since the Population Bomb’s writing, the global population has almost doubled itself from 3.5 billion people to 6.7 billion, that is only four decades later. The growth is immense despite the fact that there have been declines in birthrates due to the rise of programs sponsored by the governments in the education sector that empower women. Some of the programs have included the provision of job opportunities to the women, and also the availability of the protective materials in the healthcare centers. The industrialized nations like Japan and Germany bear the least birthrates compared to the countries like India that have one of the highest birthrates and is not entirely industrialized (Nagdeve, n.d. ). The majority of the developing countries have embraced the adoption of family planning programs that has lead to the decline of their birthrates. Also, the change in mentality that many children are a valuable source of labor has changed, thanks to the urbanization that has also proved that many children are expensive to educate (Nagdeve, n.d.).

            For that case, the primary goal of the Population Bomb in achieving a sustainable human population has been possible, though, partially met. It is very true that, if the population growth increases by about 2.5 billion more people, there will be more negative impacts to the globe as the earth’s resources have somehow been depleted. A good example is in agriculture where the majorities have resorted in farming in the marginalized lands as the ancient fertile soils are no longer available due to soil erosion. Another example is in mining where the ground must be dug deeper underground to reach the minerals unlike in the past where the minerals were just available near the surface. The result will be environmental degradation which is very hard to stop unless population growth is taken into consideration and controlled.


             The population bomb was right in its prediction of the effects of overpopulation in the future in many ways. One of its main emphases was on overconsumption which is more of a problem than even over-reproduction. Even though the world’s population has dropped a little bit as the book suggested, still the United State’s consumption of the earth’s resources flows is almost more than a quarter. That has been the case for the majority of the global populations has become aware of the factors that recognize reproduction and are in a position to choose from the vast choices available to them on how to achieve that. On the other hand, matters about the consumption are still not available to the populations due to lack of their establishment.

            The thought that man could invade the sea for the additional food supply for the daily rising population in the Population Bomb was a failure as even the seas and oceans have also started experiencing the depletion effect. The fish populations in most lakes have deteriorated, and laws have been put in place to control the fishing industry as the use of larger nets to prevent the trapping of small fish which might interfere with the overall fish population in the long run. On the other hand, the book was right in the view that other food sources like the single-cell proteins from bacteria or the food production from nuclear agro-industries were possible as it has proved to be correct.

            The Population bomb was also right in that the size of the population determined the threats of the large epidemics, for instance, the spread of AIDS and HIV was mostly dangerous in the overpopulated places like in Africa where the majority lost their lives from the disease. That’s because the majority of the people resorted to conspicuous sexual activities to fend for their families due to the high unemployment rate caused by the rise in population leading to the contraction of the virus.

            The Population Bomb Revisited is right in saying that the Population Bomb was wrong when it comes to the greenhouse effect to global heating. According to (Nagdeve, n.d), overpopulation has lead to the growth of industries to offer employment opportunities for the rising population resulting in the rise of air pollution. The major air polluting gasses from the industries includes the nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide apart from the carbon dioxide which the Population Bomb mentioned as the single air pollutant. The blame for the destruction of the ozone layer by chlorofluorocarbons is on the rise of the population which has lead to life being unbearable on earth for example in the destruction of the tropical moist forests of the Amazon basin, Asia, and Africa (Ehrlich, 2009).

            The Population Bomb Revisited is right in saying that the reduction in population growth increases the food surplus in the country, for instance, the superb nations like Europe have abundant food supply due to the regulated population growth. It is also possible that the abundant food supply is because there is a sacrifice in the environment such as the use of chemicals in the soil to boost the production. A good example is the use of pesticides and fertilizers in India for farming which later on pollutes the water killing the aquatic life. Industrialization also leads to the surplus in food supply but also tampers with the environment (Nagdeve, n.d.).

              The increase in birthrate will also mean an increase in death rate is right according to the Population Bomb Revisited as the majority will suffer from hunger due to the inadequate food supply. The epidemic will also catch up with the growing population leading to high mortality rate, for instance, the effect of HIV and AIDS in the sub-Saharan Africa where the majority have lost, and are still losing their lives resulting in the decrease of the once populated continent. The Population Bomb Revisited is still correct in support of the fact that increase in food supply on the earth continue to bring more harm as it has resulted in global warming something which is very hard to stop or even reverse. Most of the earth’s surface will be extremely scalding and can even cause a mass migration of people to other parts of the globe and it is only through population control that global warming can come to a stop.

            As the populations continue to expand, technological, political, and even environmental innovations continue to be on the rise such as the Indian green revolution, Brazilian biofuels, and the Mesopotamian long canals. The result will be environmental degradation as the politicians are only interested in gaining more wealth and power. It is true according to the Population Bomb Revisited that unless there is a population regulation by a manageable number, the world is facing a likely collapse.


            The Population Bomb was right in its statements apart from the few flaws which it had, but such errors are always prone to any writing. The world’s scientist warning is a lesson that needs serious consideration t save the planet earth. Overpopulation is the mother of all evil as it leads to the collision of the human and the natural environment. One example is the industrial revolution which has risen to provide employment and food to the overgrowing population. But these industries also have atrocious effects to the environment like air pollution, water pollution, and even health problems. Overpopulation has also lead to the advancement in technologies which in turn has lead to the deterioration of the green movement such as the rise in global warming. The Population Bomb, therefore, had a point in informing people of the impending danger associated with the growth in population.

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