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Get Down With The Awesome Awethors Event

Hello everyone,
I just want to share with you one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had.
Some of you may know that I’m only a newbie author, with two short stories out (Sharpshooter due soon) as well as operating two blogs, The Writers Emporium and Destination Gallifrey (A blog for Dr Who fans).
I have been blessed to be accepted into a group for authors called Awethors of Awesomness, and let me tell you, this group lives up to its name.
On the 12th of April the group held an event for all members,Get Down With The Awethors, let me tell you this was an absolutely incredible event.
There were cover wars contests (vote for your favorite cover, and you’ll be pleased to learn that Dinner For Two made it through to the very final few rounds).Giveaways, free guest blog posts, a chance to meet new authors, make new friends and just generally support each other.
It was an incredibly complex event to organize especially considering the different time zones involved (your humble author was awake for 48 hours in case I missed anything, I kid you not).
All this hard work and dedication was brilliantly carried out by authors DM Cain, Stewart Bint, Rocky Rochford,Lisa Veldkamp and I’m sure a slew of others too (please forgive the fact that I don’t know everyone else).
I have a confession to make (no its ok you don’t need to block the site). I’ve always suffered from an inferiority complex since childhood.
When I started my journey as an author at the writing company where I should write essays for students who struggle with writing¬†(and its only been four months), I was worried I couldn’t do that, that nobody would like my stuff but my biggest fear was my peers. I was convinced they’d turn their noses up at me, you a writer, darling three very short stories does not make you an author or go back to blogging dear.
Guess what? After the 12th I no longer have that fear.
I was welcomed and supported by an amazing array of very talented and successful authors with far more work than yours truly, did only being an author for four months make a difference?
Not a bit of it!
I made a lot of new friends and the overwhelming of this event was friendship and support. Honestly people, I’m almost in tears writing this, you just cannot understand how having the friendship and support of a group of like minded people around the world can be so uplifting.
I just need to say a huge thank you to the organizers, my new author friends and you my dear reader, for letting me tell you about this marvelous event. read more

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