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My friend and fellow author, Rocky Rochford has written one of the most frightening short stories I’ve read in a very long time, Don’t Say A Word,(And that’s saying something coming from a horror writer!). The story takes us inside the mind of a seriel killer as he stalks and ultimately kills his victims. Shocking, brutal, yet completely believable, it is one story I highly recommend to all my readers.
I’m pleased to announce that Rocky has expanded on this short story with his new work, Don’t Turn Around..
I’ll let Rocky himself tell you more.


My name is Rocky Rochford and if you haven’t heard, I am quite crazy, highly excitable and energetic, which for a writer, is two pretty great qualities as it definitely keeps things fresh and when I’m not being crazy (ie normal) I’m Scuba Diving, sword collecting, or well, rum swigging whilst occasionally writing, which brings us to today’s topic of conversation, my latest work to be released, Don’t Say A Word.

Available for purchase on Amazon, come July 1st, is my thrilling horror story that truly embeds the reader into the context of the story and serves as a great continuation to its predecessor Don’t Turn Around, which if you haven’t read yet, (seriously you haven’t read it yet?) probably isn’t a bad thing, it would have only have given you nightmares, make you flinch when reading and hearing a footstep come from behind and this one, well that makes Around read more like a glorified children’s book, because my killer is back and is taking his craft to new heights, with you in the passenger seat and if that’s not enough to tempt you, then how about a peak at my boy in action:

Don’t Say A Word: Extract:

All I could hear was the manager spouting some bullshit. I was too busy enjoying the screams to pay notice, but I’m sure he noticed me making a beeline straight for him.
Talk shit, get hacked to shit.
Fair’s fair.
Three hacks, one result, head cleaved from bone and rolling around on the Persian rug, dyeing it red.
Now ain’t that going to be a bitch to clean?
Talk about murder.
Still plenty more people to kill, so no good getting sidetracked, and what’s this? They’re stuck in the dining room with me?
How can this be?
Oh yeah, I bribed someone to make sure the door was closed and locked after I entered. Rather easy really; all I had to do was break into his home, hold a knife against his two year old’s throat and take a selfie, one I showed him personally upon my arrival.
He was more than willing to comply.
Willing to do anything to keep his family safe.
Yeah, about that.
A happy family reunion not in the cards, not when I forced the mother to kill both herself and infant in the bathtub.
It was either that or I’d do it.
And trust me, my way is always worse.

But if mindless killing isn’t you’re thing, don’t worry, I also write romance and my latest work is available now, Him & Her the story of Donny Tyler and his feeling is love, longing and lust, for the girl next door.
Both works in the Don’t Turn Around Trilogy are only available in ebook on both www.solsticepublishing.com and all Amazon domains, along with many of my other works, such as my Entwined Saga, a series of Paranormal shorts. The Rise of The Elohim Chronicles, a fantasy adventure for all and so many others, as there is a Rochford work for one and all. Have a great day everyone!!!

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